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Acupuncture is one of the many services available at Holt Consulting Rooms, a North Norfolk health and wellbeing practice

Traditional Acupuncture

It has been understood for centuries that touch eases pain and improves wellbeing. The earliest Chinese test describing this is The Yellow Emperor’s Manual of Corporeal Healing, published during the Western Han period (202 BC to 9 AD). This remains central to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine today.

Over time specific points were mapped out on the body that, when stimulated, influenced the function of a particular organ. These areas are called acupoints. Acupoints affecting the same organ system are joined together by a series of meridians. Qi flows through the meridians. When the Qi is balanced and flowing freely, a person is healthy.

Acupuncture aims to regulate the flow of Qi through meridians. When the flow of Qi is obstructed or out of balance a person can experience ill health. Acupuncture aims to manipulate the flow of Qi to create a balance of energy where there was a previous imbalance.

Each person is unique and so response to treatment varies. Some people see a marked improvement straight away, others may need a few treatments before seeing lasting improvement.

As a general rule, recent or acute conditions may be resolved in as little as two or three treatments.Long-standing conditions are likely to need more sessions before real change is seen. I usually recommend one treatment per week for four to six weeks, after which the sessions are spaced further apart.

Through treating the whole person, my experience has shown that many people find further benefits above and beyond their initial reason for seeking treatment. The more common additional benefits are improved sleep, digestion or appetite, improved mental clarity and improved energy.


Catherine Esworthy