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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a procedure in which people’s natural beauty is enhanced by long-lasting eye and lip liner, and eyebrow definition. It is a cosmetic art that has developed massively in recent years, and can help people who have suffered from health issues return to a sense of aesthetic normality. Pigment is implanted into the skin in the form of a cosmetic tattoo, using specifically designed needles and cosmetic colours.

Ombré powder eyebrows are easily recognised for their distinctive yet naturally beautiful look. Colour that starts from the tail of the brow to fading out to the bulb to create that soft yet full look.

Eyebrows are designed to your face using a string mapping technique with your preferences in mind. Colour matched to fit your skin tone.

Lip blush colour is colour that lasts! Clients can choose from a variety of colours, or mix two together to make your perfect shade. Colour can last for between 18 months to three years (varies from client to client). With two light passes a soft waterblush effect can be created, or the look can go heavier if a lipstick look is desired. Create even more depth with a darker outline, as if your wearing liner, or just have a solid shade.

This service also offers lash enhancement, eyeliner, 3D digital hairstroke brows and saline removal.

The six-week touch-up – is it necessary?

The pigments settle as they heal, sinking down and then rising back up tp the surface of the skin. During the healing process, some pigment may be lost and therefore needs to be replaced for the full effect. Six weeks gives the skin enough time to heal completely before the next session and for the pigments to settle.



Lorna Annison