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Heal Your Life Coaching by Louise Hay

While much of the Heal Your Life Coaching is the same as Life Coaching, there are some important differences. The methods are based on Louise Hay’s philosophy of working with the mind-body connection, from her international best-selling book You Can Heal Your Life. Her philosophy teaches that when we listen to our bodies we can clearly connect with the messages our mind is conveying to us. This intuitively guided awareness is highlighting our need to learn, heal and continue to grow.

It is very easy to forget this when we lead busy lives, rather than truly listening to ourselves – hence the common outcome of dis-ease rather than being at ease – we get out of balance and life can become unnecessarily challenging for us.

One of the fundamentals of Louise Hay’s work is that loving yourself is part of the solution, regardless of the part of your life you want to change. Teaching easy-to-learn
techniques such as mirror work and affirmations, among others, to love and accept ourselves is part of coaching clients in this framework. In addition, we know that within us we have an “inner ding” as Louise used to call it, that guides and directs us, so we don’t have to do all the work! Therefore, more rest, restoration and play time.

In this approach to coaching, BEING is more important than DOING (we are human beings not human doings after all). And you don’t have to have an illness or a life challenge to benefit from this work. We all know the value of having someone to cheer lead, guide and listen to us and that is not always available.

Heal Your Life Coaching with Elaine is a fantastic way to begin to build the foundations of being your own best friend alongside having someone supporting and serving you, that has and continues to practice and experience the work themselves too. We are always learning and growing and life is colourful, so having treasures in our treasure chest to use when we need them is a key part in honouring and recognising what we need as the unique magnificent individuals we all are.

Elaine’s Heal Your Life Coaching assists you in connecting with your knowing self, the intuitive part of you that truly does have all the answers! How amazing is that!

Sometimes these awarenesses can feel uncomfortable and Elaine will soundly guide and support you every step of the way.

Your sessions are created in a safe environment and all discussions remain confidential.

The Heal Your Life Coaching is perfect for a deeper dive on a one-to-one basis, especially if you want to achieve your awarenesses and growth work sooner.

The Heal Your Life Workshops are fantastic for dipping your toe in the water to discover more about this work as well as a great top up for in-between coaching sessions and continued personal development. If you love group work and learning while being around like-minded people who are going through similar experiences, for ongoing support and building friendships for life, workshops are definitely for you too. As with coaching all workshops are led in a safe and confidential environment.


Elaine Spencer