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Lorna Annison

Every client I meet is beautiful, and my job is to make them feel that way.

I began doing professional makeup on models for wedding shows alongside my mother’s business. A few years later I decided to get into the nail industry, which has so many aspects of products, designs and art, that you could study it for a lifetime and still not know everything. After considering how I could expand, I decided nails needed to work alongside something else. This is where permanent makeup came into my life.

I’m qualified in the art of Ombré eyebrows, lip liner, blush, lash enhancement, eyeliner, 3D digital hairstroke brows and saline removal.

I am looking forward to creating results that will be loved at Holt Consulting Rooms. I also hope to expand into areola and scalp tattooing so I can work alongside charities to help those who have suffered with cancer or life-changing issues.

Get in touch me with me at 01263 711712 to discuss your look and how we can make your beauty shine through.


Ombré powder eyebrows (includes six-week top-up) – £295
12-month top-up – £195
18-month top-up – £220
Two-year top-up – £260

Lip colour – £225

Lip liner (includes six-week top-up) – £170
12-month top-up – £160
18-month top-up – £200
Two-year top-up – £225

Brows and lip combo – £450