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Practitioner specialising in sports and injury massage at Holt Consulting Rooms, a North Norfolk health and wellbeing practice

Katie Jones

Katie Jones has a level 3 NVQ in Aromatherapy and Massage, and then went on to achieve a level 4 ITEC in Sports and Injury Massage.

Katie recognises that every person’s body and pain threshold is different and therefore massages will be tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences.

To find out more email katie@holtconsultingrooms.co.uk or call 01263 711712 to book an appointment.

I am 83 and walking and standing was very painful. After several months of regular massage with Katie, a sports masseuse, I can now move more freely and with ease. Her kindness, patience and professional expertise have been faultless.

About two years ago my body was in turmoil. I had ulcers on both legs and it was difficult to walk. I needed someone with letters after their name to prove they understood sports massage and help me out. I was seeing her once a week - now much less - and my ulcers and swollen legs have responded well to her individually tailored massages.


Katie’s standard fee for a half hour back, shoulder and neck massage is £20. For all other massages, prices start from £40.