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Elaine Spencer

Elaine Spencer is a licensed Louise Hay Heal Your Life Teacher, Coach, Workshop Leader and Speaker, and has been successfully practising this philosophy for more than 25 years.

Elaine first discovered the Louise Hay mind-body connection philosophy (based on Louise’s well known book You Can Heal Your Life) in a local library when looking for something to help her sleep and manage anxiety and stress. Finding one of Louise Hay’s original cassette tape recordings called ‘Morning and Evening Meditations’ was truly life-changing for her, and Elaine has been practising and exploring this brilliant philosophy, among others, ever since.

Over the years Elaine continued to follow the practice, but after being forced to end a much-loved physical exercise career, she decided it was time to really listen to her body and mind and take a deeper dive into the Louise Hay work to heal her own body and mind much further.

In successfully doing so, Elaine completed her Louise Hay training in 2019. And now she can now share this amazing work and world of opportunity with you too. From children in schools to elders in retirement, the zero-to-hero realm of life that each of us can experience starts from when we begin to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are. Then, anything is possible.

What do you need right now? Better health? Life motivation? Happier relationships? A new job? Increased income? Time for yourself? Time to be? Whatever it may be Elaine is here to support and guide you every step of the way.

“You are safe, it is only change.” Louise Hay

If you are ready, open and willing to learn and grow, call Elaine today at 07803 521744, or visit Elaine’s website www.thefeelgoodhealgoodcoach.com. Book an appointment at the clinic on 01263 711712.

Coaching testimonies

“I feel so privileged to have discovered and got to know Elaine and have learned so much from her, especially the vital importance and power of self-love and self-care. Her workshops represent superb value and I can also highly recommend her private sessions. Elaine is something very special and she can help you to fully appreciate how special you are too and that you can live the life you deserve.”
Susan Buckmaster

“I love the set up of my coaching sessions and Elaine’s passion. The space is very uplifting and it feels like I am coming up for some air. The sessions help me to feel more confident in my path and myself, and are very grounding. I recommend working with Elaine.”
Stella Sheldon

Workshop testimonies

“Do not fear of coming and trying out something that maybe new to you. Elaine has great knowledge and will be an inspiration to you. You will meet like minded people.”
Sharon Crann

“I felt lighter and benefitted from discussion with like minded people.”
Rosie Wallace

“Great material, fabulous location and wonderful coach. I would like to do more workshops.”
Hazel Berry


Initial Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Coaching Session – £90 (90 minutes)

Follow-up Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Coaching Session – £60 (60 minutes).

Bespoke 2-8 person Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Group Workshops: from £40pp (from 2 hours per workshop). These are great for dipping your toe into the world of Louise Hay teachings, in-between coaching sessions and continued personal development being around like-minded people going through similar experiences for ongoing support and building friendships for life!