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A Gift of an Evening at Holt Consulting Rooms

Posted 12th November 2018

by Thea Horner, MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist​

Tuesday 2 October saw Holt Consulting Rooms throw its doors wide for an open evening.

People from all around North Norfolk came to chat to practitioners about the therapies offered, what they entailed and how they might be of help to patients. The well-established local consulting rooms offers a wide range of therapies, and many of the practitioners were available on the night – and those that couldn’t be present, were happy to call patients for an introductory talk later. Practitioners freely answered questions about what they do and what type of problems they can help.

The practice’s goal is to be welcoming, professional and reliable, and it is inclusive local events like these that contribute to its standing in the community. Thea Horner, manager of Holt Consulting Rooms, said: “We like to give people the chance to come and talk to us without committing to an appointment. Some people are quite fearful of asking for help, or are unsure which therapy might be best equipped to help them. Or sometimes they are wary of wasting our time when, in fact, they have quite significant problems that require attention. It’s events like these that offer a tentative point of contact for possible patients.

“It was an enjoyable and useful evening.”

If you missed it, the next open event will be on Thursday 21st March 2019, at 7pm-9pm.