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Open Day Success

Posted 21st October 2019

Thea Horner​

On Saturday 10th August, Holt Consulting Rooms had another very successful open day. We opened our doors at 10am and the public started arriving to attend a full programme of

demonstrations and talks throughout the day.

We started with a demonstration of Connect Therapy from physiotherapist Thea Horner. She had a willing volunteer to undergo a full biomechanical assessment, the result of which was that his neck and ankle pains were coming from an area of his thoracic spine. He will follow up with treatment to teach him how to maintain an improved way of moving.

Then Sally Storr, counsellor, gave a 15 minute introduction to mindfulness for relaxation. This was repeated later in the day - and there were a lot of very chilled people after that.

Not least the volunteer who experienced a facial involving facial reflexology from reflexologist Anna Little. A little touch of luxury.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Hanne Homer, gave a very interesting introduction to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), followed by a talk on CBT Hypnotherapy to ‘transform your life’ from Guy Thorold, hypnotherapist.

And finally, a couple of brave volunteers had some acupuncture with Richard Lamb – and discovered that they hadn’t needed to be brave at all!

Nutritionist Pamela Taylor was available throughout the day, to talk to people about various nutritional issues. She also brought some samples of healthy but delicious chocolate chip cookies (-they didn’t taste healthy at all!), with recipes available too. Other people enjoyed taster sessions of massage and reflexology, and were able to ask questions of all our

We would like to thank all those involved, and those who attended the event. It feels very worthwhile when visitors comment on how interesting and professional they have found us, and how friendly the welcome was.